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Whispers of Past by TheBlueGuardian

I'll try to write as objective as I can. I'm under HIGH impact of this (and others) your work.

Vision: The work's name & the author's comments VERY matches the work itself. Yes, the dark-framed scene with a ghostly fog on the background, and a few rays of a light thru the leaves creates a sense of something like wraiths, appearin from the void (or from the past).

Originality: This theme's not new, but it's ETERNAL. Glad to know that there' still IS a people, which NOT don't care to something not belong to mankind. Even something been extincted. Why? That people give a meanin' to life in ALL forms, not human-only (unfortunately, I'm not one of such people). This theme's not to be discuss as original/non-original.

Technique: Great, watchin' some details more detailly (sorry for taughtology).
1)An animal himself not seem like ghost, so it shown by the rays of light. I think there's too less of them, they falls only on the head & only on a single spot on the back. Mostly perceptin' just like two rays of light, without full sense of animal' spirit.
2)Dark borders around the scene adds a tragism. Just like R.I.P. frame, especially with this dark spot in da right-down corner, with an animal's face (it's a hole under a tree). But it's not a whole frame, justa corners. Not every can see this association.
3) Fog. Symbolic. A some link to the past, dipin'outta dense fog that filled a forest. But absence of the fog to the left & right from a mid-scene(between left tree & left canvas border and simillar to the right) cancels an effect that the spirit's surrounded with a fog. The fog comin' into background, and thus again not gettin' by everybody.

Impact: Great impact. That's one of the few things that really makes me cry. But there's people around, so I can't. I'll repeat again, good that there' still a people (and furries) who gives a meaning to life.
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TheBlueGuardian Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for your insightful criticism, most of it was something I was unaware of, so thank you for pointing it out.
If I ever have a chance to repeat these techniques, I'll be sure to take your good advise!

Once again, thank you :)
It's also really good to see many positive comments in a criticism.
BigPolarFox Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
You really have a power before people' souls. Some of 'em can understand you and possibly change their mind. Not all though, there' some completely 'fallen' marginalls who don't care of such problems. But those who still have some alive sense in their souls, I believe you can save or at least stop 'em from this evil. Thru your art.
Please do not think I'm kinda fanatic or heretic. There's no need to be a 'holy' or 'divine' to do this. Martin Luther King (USA) did this, bein' justa man. Yes, his father was a priest, but this' not matter. All the matter's a sense of alive. Givin' a meanin' to all life. And love to a nature.
Unfortunately, this' not affects on all. Some understands only a brute force. This' what I reckon as evil. Fanatism, dumbness & senseless. In all forms. I can't forgive that to humans. Hate it.
(that's why the cyberpunk theme's more close to me)
But you seem like more kind. You have more light in your soul. I can see it in your art. You 're truly a Blue Guardian.
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